European Hamster

During the last 15 years surveys and measures on the protection of species for the severely protected European hamster took place in the Boerde areas of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt during the last ten years. Mappings of burrows on agricultural land are usually made in conjunction with planned building projects.

For the implementation of measures on protection of species (CEF-measures) a preliminary assessment of possible compensation sites with the inclusion of adequate management concepts. After conferral of admission in view of the protection of species legislation populations of the European hamster are often relocated accompanied by a monitoring for the control of success. The latter comprises the control of complience of the management conditions in collaboration with the farmers and the responsible nature conservation authorities.
In scientific additional studies researches on the diet spectrum and the home range of tagged European hamsters. For this purpose telemetric equipment is available.

Project selection

Monitoring Feldhamster Rastanlage Hüttenblick (2023)
Stadt Salzgitter
Kartierung Feldhamster Hermsdorf Osterweddingen (2022)
Kartierung Feldhamster Neubau Logistikhalle Osterweddingen (2021)
Kartierung Feldhamster Neubau Wasserwerk Halchter (2021)
Stadt Wolfenbüttel