Habitats, animals and plants

[Biotope, Pflanzen] [Groß- und Kleinsäuger] [Fledermäuse] [European Hamster] [Vögel] [Amphibians and reptiles] [Heuschrecken] [Schmetterlinge] [Käfer] [Aquatische Fauna] [Sonstige Tiergruppen]

The Planungsgemeinschaft LaReG implements all mapping of biotopes and surveys of animal and plants which are necessary for expert opinions and plans concerning landscape ecology and green structures.

Biotopes are mapped after the respective cartographic codes for biotope types of the federal states. Furthermore all legal protected biotopes, habitat types as listed in Annex I in the FFH-Directive, land use and water structures are recorded.
Faunistic and floristic mappings and surveys comprise all groups of species significant as indicators and are in accordance with the general methodological standards like HVA StB a.o.. In addition special surveys and expert opinions on present animals of Annex II/IV of the FFH-Directive or Annex I of the Directive on the Conservation of Wild Birds are conducted.

In previous opinions the following animal groups were surveyed:

  • breeding and migratory birds
  • mammals
  • bats
  • European hamster
  • amphibians
  • reptiles
  • fish
  • dragonflies
  • ground beetles
  • xylobiontic beetles
  • locusts
  • butterflies and moths
  • macrozoobenthos (limnic and marine)