Amphibians and reptiles

Surveys of the presence of amphibians comprise mappings in spawning waters as well as in summer habitats. Calling amphibians, tadpoles and spawn are recorded by inspection of the water bodies by day and illumination by night. For surveying and mapping newts traps are used.

The Planungsgemeinschaft LaReG has a wide experience in quantitative surveys of migration routes of amphibians by using drift fences. This takes place in the scope of the planning and function control of protective installations or monitoring.

Lizards and snakes are recorded via intensive searching which is supported by additionally installed hiding places.

For the implementation of measures on protection of species (CEF-measures) a preliminary assessment of possible compensation sites, e.g. for the installation of alternative spawning waters or relocation sites, takes place as a part of the concept for the protection of species. After conferral of admission in view of the protection of species legislation protection measures like installation of fences or relocations are implemented in the scope of the ecological construction supervision.

Project selection

Kartierung und Artenschutzmaßnahmen für die Zauneidechse im Zuge von Gleiserneuerungen im Raum Vlotho Vennebeck Löhne (2020)
Kreis Herford, Kreis Minden-Lübbecke
Kartierung Amphibien und Reptilien im Planfeststellungsabschnitt 1 zum Ausbau der E233 (2020)
Landkreis Emsland
Kartierung Amphibien zum B-Plan "Innerstetal II" der Stadt Langelsheim (2020)
Landkreis Goslar
Kartierung Artenschutzmaßnahmen Zauneidechse Kiesabbau Süpplingen (2020)
Landkreis Helmstedt